Is your startup idea any good? Six questions to find out

It’s no secret that 90% of startups fail. . . However, the reasons startups fail are often predictable, and avoidable. One of the best ways to determine the potential of your startup before you spend time or money is to ask yourself: ‘Is my startup idea any good?’ Here are six questions you should be asking to help predict if you’ve got a high-growth, profitable business on your hands.

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Interview: Startup Onramp Founder Colin Kinner on Entrepreneurs TV, YourMoney channel

Interview with Startup Onramp founder Colin Kinner about how to start a startup and maximise your chances of success


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Morgans Startup Series podcast

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Media release: Startup Onramp to make regional Queensland an entrepreneurial powerhouse

Innovation Minister Kate Jones today announced a major funding commitment to support the roll-out of Startup Onramp to regional startup hubs across Queensland.


Startup Onramp chapter in The Entrepreneur's Guide

This chapter, authored by Startup Onramp founder Colin Kinner, highlights eight things that every startup founder can do to improve the odds that their startup will be successful, or to ‘un-fail’ their startup.


Brisbane pre-accelerator Startup Onramp announces regional expansion

Wrapping up its first pre-accelerator last night at The Precinct innovation hub in Brisbane, Startup Onramp announced it is set to expand its program across regional Australia, with a second local program set to kick off in September.

Five Avoidable Mistakes startup founders make

We’ve all seen the grim statistics: more than 90 percent of startups fail. It’s widely acknowledged that many of these failures are caused by “rookie mistakes”. Yet, having worked with hundreds of startup founders as a mentor and investor I continue to see the same mistakes made again and again.

How Startup Onramp plans to educate 1,000 new tech founders on the most “predictable mistakes” of startups

After working with hundreds of startup founders over the past decade, the author of StartupAUS Crossroads report has launched a program to help new tech founders avoid some of the most common mistakes and pitfalls made by early-stage startups.

Brisbane program helping to 'un-fail' local startups

BEING an entrepreneur is risky business. That's why Advance Queensland is supporting a new 12-week training initiative designed to give startups a little more certainty in the challenging market.

Media release: Program to boost chances of success for 1,000 new and aspiring startup founders

Startup Onramp, a training and mentoring program for tech startup founders, has launched this week in Brisbane and has been praised by leaders of the startup community as the first of its kind in Australia with the potential to save founders a lot of time and money by avoiding “predictable” mistakes.