• Startup Onramp
  • What is Startup Onramp?

    Startup Onramp is a 12-week training and mentoring program that gives aspiring founders of high-growth startups the skills, advice and networks they need to launch and grow their company.

    Startup skills

    Startup skills

    A structured training program that equips first-time founders with the essential skills to launch and grow their startup

    Founder dinners

    Founder dinners

    Monthly dinners exclusively for Startup Onramp participants with an invited guest entrepreneur or investor

    Startup founder network


    Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions plus access to a broad network of startup founders, mentors and investors

    Startup launch


    Whether you're still at idea stage or have started something, by the end of the program you'll be ready to launch

  • Why Startup Onramp?

    It's easy to come up with startup ideas, but much harder to actually quit your day job and start a company. We created the Startup Onramp program to give new and aspiring startup founders the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate the pitfalls of getting their startup through its first year.


    If you are considering launching a startup, or have an idea for a startup, the Startup Onramp program is for you. For teams considering applying to a startup accelerator in Australia or overseas, Startup Onramp is a valuable pre-accelerator program to greatly improve your chances of being accepted into any startup accelerator.


    Check out the Program and FAQs.

    Meet the teams from Cohort 1.

  • Guest presenters

    Meet the amazing entrepreneurs, investors and subject matter experts who shared their experience with the teams in Cohort #1

    Holly Cardew, Pixc

    Johnny Cheng, Amity

    Vu Tran and Adrian Hill, GO1

    Elaine Stead, Bluesky VC

    Steve Baxter

    Jared Codling
    Drew Baird Fitness

    Chris Drake
    That Startup Company

    Manfred Neustifter

    Cole Wilkinson
    Pitcher Partners

    Ash Pritchard, Kicker Comms

    Cale Bennett, FairDealFX

    Brock Kenzler, JosephMark

    Ben Wood
    McCullough Robertson

    Peta Ellis, River City Labs

    Kevin Gosschalk, Funcaptcha

    Stephen Phillips,
    Mawson Ventures

    Wayne Gerard, Redeye

    Mark B Johnson, Collider Accelerator

  • From the startup community

    "Startup Onramp is a great way to start as a founder. Colin and the team provide you with everything you need to know when starting out. The best thing about the program is that it helps you to make sure you are building a product that customers love."

    Holly Cardew - CEO and Founder, Pixc

    "As an investor I expect startup founders to have a solid grasp of the basics. The Startup Onramp program provides that and a whole lot more, and it's delivered by people who really know their stuff."

    Steve Baxter - Serial entrepreneur, investor and shark on Channel Ten's Shark Tank

    "If I’d had access to Startup Onramp when I started Ollo it would have saved me months of wasted time and hundreds of thousands of dollars."

    Hugh Geiger - Founder, Ollo Wearables

    "Knowing where to start and having access to quality support is difficult for first time entrepreneurs. The Startup Onramp program will play a key role in that journey."

    Peta Ellis - CEO, River City Labs

    "I've worked with startup founders around the world and seen the same mistakes made many times. Startup Onramp is an excellent crash course on what to do in the first year of your startup, and could make the difference between success and failure."

    Dwight Gunning - tech entrepreneur

    "Australian startup founders will get a lot out of Startup Onramp. Don't learn by trial and error when you can learn from people who can help you get it right the first time."

    Wayne Gerard - Co-founder and CEO, Redeye

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