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Startup Onramp is on a mission to help create thousands of successful startups in Australia

It's easy to come up with startup ideas, but much harder to actually quit your job and start a company. We created Startup Onramp to give new and aspiring startup founders, wherever they are in Australia, the knowledge, skills and connections to get their company started and maximise its chances of success.

We know that more than ninety percent of all startups fail, in many cases because the founders make predictable and avoidable mistakes. Startup Onramp aims to give new startup founders a clear understanding of startup best practice, and visibility of some of the most common mistakes that could cost them a lot of time and money and lead to failure.

Founders Course

The Startup Onramp Founders Course is a two-day course on how to start a startup and maximise your chances of success. It is an intensive version of our well known 12 week Pre-Accelerator program, and covers all the essential skills needed by early stage startup founders.

The course is for early stage startup founders and anyone who has an idea for a startup but is struggling to know what to do next.

The course currently runs in Brisbane. It is led by Startup Onramp founder and CEO Colin Kinner and Entrepreneur-In-Residence Nick Shewring, plus a hand-picked group of successful startup founders, investors and subject matter experts who will share their experiences with the group. 

Next course: 18 & 19 October 2010

Pre-Accelerator Program

The Startup Onramp Pre-Accelerator is a 12-week part-time program for early stage startup founders.

The program currently runs in Brisbane plus a growing list of startup hubs across Australia. It has three core components:

  1. Weekly workshops led by the Startup Onramp team and supported by successful founders, investors and subject matter experts. Workshops follow a logical progression from idea validation to product development, customer acquisition, capital raising and growth.

  2. Weekly one-on-one mentoring ensures you keep making progress between the weekly workshops.

  3. A pitch night in which all founders pitch their startup and share their learnings with fellow entrepreneurs.

Startup perks 

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and HubSpot to enable all Startup Onramp graduates, anywhere in Australia, to access to some of the best software and infrastructure available to startups.

All Startup Onramp graduates receive US$3,000 in AWS Credits, 1 year of AWS support and access to free AWS training.
Companies that complete Startup Onramp are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software as part of the HubSpot for Startups program

All Startup Onramp graduates receive US$3,000 in AWS Credits, 1 year of AWS support and access to free AWS training


Startup Onramp graduates are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software as part of the HubSpot for Startups program


Startup founder coaching


Startup Onramp offers coaching packages to enable first-time founders to:

  • Follow best practice and emulate the behaviours of successful founders

  • Short-circuit the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes

  • Get honest and actionable feedback on your idea, your business model, your customer acquisition strategy or your investor pitch

  • Get warm introductions to experienced startup founders and investors

National partnerships

Startup Onramp is partnering with startup hubs nationally to support them in providing high quality founder education. The program was designed for growing startup ecosystems to provide best practice startup skills and mentoring, help to produce more startup founders, and give founders the best possible chance of success.

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By demystifying the process of starting a tech company, Startup Onramp boosts startup numbers and helps to create a more vibrant and active startup ecosystem.



Startup Onramp exposes first-time founders to best practice approaches and helps them avoid making “rookie” mistakes, greatly increasing startup success rates.



Startup Onramp helps founders to connect with others who can give them sound advice and guidance, including potential co-founders, employees and investors.


Meet the team

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Colin Kinner - Founder and CEO

Colin is one of Australia’s leading experts in startup methodology. He has been deeply involved in the national startup ecosystem over more than ten years – including as Program Director for the Horizons Travel and Tourism Accelerator, Investment Manager for the CEA Startup Fund, Mission Lead for the Startup Catalyst Silicon Valley mission, mentor at River City Labs and CEO of ilab Incubator.

Colin is also one of Australia’s most experienced startup coaches and mentors, having worked with several hundred emerging entrepreneurs. He is passionate about helping startup founders to be successful by learning from the experiences of others.

Read Colin’s chapter in The Entrepreneur’s Guide. Watch Colin’s interview on Entrepreneurs TV.



Nick Shewring - Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Entrepreneurship and innovation are in Nick’s blood. His experience includes co-founding BizDojo, New Zealand's leading chain of startup hubs, where he became a trusted mentor and advisor for many of New Zealand’s fastest growing tech companies.

Nick has also led mobile product innovation at Air New Zealand and driven innovation in the WaterTech space as GM for WaterStart.com. Nick has coached and mentored hundreds of startup teams and has a significant network in the local and international startup ecosystem. His specialty is bringing people together to achieve impressive things.



We keep good company

Startup Onramp is supported by an amazing group of entrepreneurs, investors and subject matter experts who are eager to share their experience with new startup founders.

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"As an investor I expect startup founders to have a solid grasp of the basics. The Startup Onramp program provides that and a whole lot more, and it's delivered by people who really know their stuff."

Steve Baxter - Investor

"Startup Onramp is a great way to start as a founder. Colin and the team provide you with everything you need to know when starting out. The best thing about the program is that it helps you to make sure you are building a product that customers love."

Holly Cardew - Founder and CEO, Pixc


"Australian startup founders will get a lot out of Startup Onramp. Don't learn by trial and error when you can learn from people who can help you get it right the first time."

Wayne Gerard - Co-Founder and CEO, Redeye