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Unlock the potential of your startup

I have worked with several hundred startup teams as a coach, mentor, investor, advisory board member or director. Some have been successful, others have failed.

I believe that many of the most successful startups have common patterns of behaviour in the early days. Conversely, many startup failures are caused by founding teams making predictable (and avoidable) mistakes.

Startup coaching enables first-time founders to:

  • Follow best practice and emulate the behaviours of successful founders

  • Short-circuit the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes

  • Get honest and actionable feedback on your idea, your business model, your customer acquisition strategy or your investor pitch

  • Get warm introductions to experienced startup founders and investors (available to ongoing coaching clients)

If you are an early stage startup founder and want the best guidance to maximise your chances of success, I’d love to work with you.

You don’t need to have completed the Startup Onramp Founders Course to sign up for startup coaching, although if you are new to startups the course is a great way to cover the basics in two intensive days.

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Colin Kinner
Founder and CEO, Startup Onramp

Colin is one of Australia’s leading experts in startup methodology. He has been deeply involved in the national startup ecosystem over more than ten years – including as Program Director for the Horizons Travel and Tourism Accelerator, Investment Manager for the CEA Startup Fund, mentor at River City Labs, CEO of ilab Incubator and Mission Lead for the Startup Catalyst Silicon Valley mission.

Colin is also one of Australia’s most experienced startup coaches and mentors, having worked with several hundred emerging entrepreneurs.

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Did you know? The Queensland Government’s Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program provides up to $5,000 to help startups access coaching and mentoring.