• The 12 week Startup Onramp program is for startup founders who are at the beginning of their startup journey, including those who currently have a day job and want to make the transition from employee to startup founder.


    The program comprises a two-hour workshop each week, plus weekly individual mentoring sessions, and culminates in a pitch night in which all participants pitch their startup and share their learnings with fellow entrepreneurs.

    Week 1 - Introduction to startups

    • How to start a startup
    • The importance of vision
    • Understanding startup terminology
    • What distinguishes failures from successes

    Week 2 - Evaluating startup ideas

    • How to come up with viable startup ideas and refine existing ones
    • Why your idea doesn't need to be perfect
    • Using the value proposition canvas to design compelling value propositions
    • How to do market and competitive analysis

    Week 3 - Lean startup principles and business models

    • Build, measure, learn
    • Using the lean canvas and validation board to articulate and test hypotheses
    • Understanding business models, analysing competitor business models using the Business Model Canvas
    • Revenue models

    Week 4 - Finance and legal basics for startups

    • Getting the company legal structure right from the beginning
    • Negotiating a sensible equity split between co-founders, vesting of founder shares 
    • Getting your finances right from the beginning
    • How to avoid the pitfalls that most startup founders make

    Week 5 - Customer development

    • Validation of hypotheses by getting out of the building and interviewing customers
    • Designing validation experiments
    • How to achieve product / market fit
    • How to ensure you build something that people actually want 

    Week 6 - Product development

    • Building a minimum viable product
    • Understanding customer needs, rapid iteration
    • User-centric design, user journeys, building products that users will love
    • Finding a technical co-founder vs outsourcing
    • How to work with web designers and developers

    Week 7 - Building and managing effective teams

    • How to find the right co-founders and establish ground rules and culture
    • Hiring the right employees and contractors
    • Making effective use of mentors and advisors

    Week 8 - Customer acquisition

    • Introduction to growth hacking
    • How to acquire customers
    • Cost of Acquiring Customers vs customer Life Time Value
    • Virality, paid vs unpaid, understanding growth levers
    • Sales skills for non sales people

    Week 9 - Brand, marketing and PR basics for startups

    • How to come up with a name and visual identify
    • How to use social media effectively
    • How to do PR like a pro and get great media coverage without spending a lot of money

    Week 10 - Growth

    • What to do when people actually want your product
    • How to scale and manage growth
    • The importance of establishing networks

    Week 11 - The local ecosystem

    • Who’s who in the zoo
    • Accelerators vs incubators vs co-working spaces
    • Australia vs Silicon Valley and beyond
    • Pros and cons of setting up in the US

    Week 12 - Raising money from investors

    • Pitching investors
    • Raising capital 
    • Grants, R&D tax incentive and other sources of funding
    • Financing legal docs, term sheets, investment terms

    Pitch Night

    • Everyone pitches their startup and lessons learned at an event open to the local startup community
  • "The Startup Onramp program was a VIP guided tour to startup-land. It introduced me to a number of other founders that I would have never met otherwise."

    David Diamond - Founder and CEO, Nodefy

    "This program launched a new chapter in my life! Not only was it one of the most amazing experiences for me personally, professionally we achieved our goal of launching our company in 12 weeks."

    Megan Avard - Founder and CEO, SurePact

    "I can't recommend this program highly enough. If you are serious about starting up (and if you aren't, don't), the Startup Onramp team are the perfect guides to bring with you for the first part of the journey."

    Alex Campbell - Founder, PiSeas

    "I found the connections I made with other founders an invaluable part of the Startup Onramp program. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the next step in transforming an idea into a startup."

    Louise Evans - Founder, Agyakka