This page contains all of the Program Materials needed by Facilitators to deliver the Startup Onramp program. Use of these materials is governed by the Program Access Agreement between Startup Onramp and the Delivery Partner. 

It also contains links to useful third party resources including canvases which can be downloaded and printed.

Promotional assets

Flyer templates [Download .zip]

Sample completed flyers [Download .zip]

Assorted photos [Download .zip]

Startup Onramp logo [Download .zip]

Powerpoint template [Download .pptx]

Web and social banners [Download .zip]

Partner perks

AWS Activate info sheet [Download .pdf]

HubSpot Partner Program info sheet [Download .pdf]

Workshop slides

Current version: 1.2

Week 1 - Introduction to startups [Download .pptx]

Week 2 - What distinguishes successful startups from failures [Download .pptx]

Week 3 - Value Proposition [Download .pptx]

Week 3 - Branding [Download .pptx]

Week 4 - Validation part 1 [Download .pptx]

Week 5 - Validation part 2 [Download .pptx]

Week 6 - Legal basics [Download .pptx]

Week 6 - PR basics [Download .pptx]

Week 7 - Product development [Download .pptx]

Week 8 - Customer Acquisition [Download .pptx]

Week 9 - Raising money from investors [Download .pptx]

Week 10 - Introduction to pitching [Download .pptx]

Week 11 - Mechanics of Investment [Download .pptx]

Week 12 - Pitch practice [Download .pptx]

Links - A comprehensive list of additional resources (readings, videos etc) that can be dropped into your cohort’s Slack at the end of each workshop. [Download .docx]

Facilitator's Manual

Current version: 1.4

Manual cover v1.4.png

Workshop videos

These videos are from the first Startup Onramp program we ran in Brisbane from May to August 2017. The order does not exactly match the current structure of the 12 weeks, but the content is 90% the same and should be useful as a guide. 

Please note that these videos are not for wider circulation, and the guest presenters have agreed to the use of their recorded presentations on the condition that they are used only by program facilitators. 

Workshop audio

The following audio tracks are extracted from the week 1-12 videos above. Feel free to load them on your mobile and listen to them on the go!


Other useful resources

Startup Onramp 12-week program outline template

Facilitator Briefing presentation - August 2018

Facilitator Briefing presentation - August 2019

Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer

Value Proposition Canvas - download PDF

Lean Canvas primer by Lean Stack

Lean Canvas - download PDF

Validation Board primer by Lean Startup Machine

Validation Board - download PDF

AirTree Ventures Open Source Seed Financing Documents

Australian Entrepreneur's Guide: Startup | Scaleup | IPO

Cap Table template by Legal Vision

How to do financial models for startups - by Will Little, Techstars


Anything else we should include? Please share it in the Facilitators' Slack team, or email and we'll add it here.